Rock N Roll Showcase Roster 2024

Date: Saturday, May 18, 2024
Location: TNT Gymnastics - Prairie du Chien
Address: 1890 E. Lapointe St. | Prairie du Chien, WI
Please find the roster attached at the bottom of this email. Please review carefully - if your child is in the wrong level or has recently been notified to change levels- please notify me as soon as possible and we can easily change that! We can't wait to showcase your child's gymnastics skills on ALL 4 EVENTS!!!!
Schedule (See roster for specific level/age group):

Session 1: Level 2 Child & Jr A
Warm-Up: 8:00 am ; Awards 9:30 am

Session 2:  Level 2 Jr B, Level 3 Child & Junior
 Warm-Up: 10:15am; Awards 11:45am

Session 3:  Level 4 & Level 5
 Warm-Up: 12:30pm; Awards 2:00pm

Session 4:  Xcel Bronze & Silver
 Warm-Up: 2:30pm; Awards 4:15pm

  • DO NOT ARRIVE MORE THAN 15 MIN EARLY FOR YOUR SESSION - we do not have overflow space. We need to wait for the session prior to clear out before new session members enter the gym area.
  • Level 2-5 gymnasts can wear any leotard. Boys wear athletic attire.
  • Xcel Bronze/Silver members please wear the appropriate leotard for your team (ie. In-House/Travel Team). 
  • Please make sure your child's hair is pulled back tight & neat for competition so they aren't distracted or playing with it during their performance. 
  • Gymnasts are to remain with the coaching staff throughout the entire competition - no running back and forth to the stands, please. This will ensure no one runs in front of someone performing and to keep the meet moving along smoothly. 
  • Please have your gymnast try to use the restroom before the competition. 
  • Parents/Spectators - do not approach the judges for questions. 
  • Your child will receive their scorecard at the conclusion of the competition.
  • Awards for all 4 events & the all around competition (total score of all 4 events) will take place at the end of each session. We only place the top 50% of the competitors on each individual event: vault, bars, beam & floor. We will place 100% for the all around competition. 
Spectator Admission (Cash Only - paid at door):
$10 ages 12-54
$7 ages 3-11
$7 ages 55+

Download "Rock N Roll Showcase 2024 Roster .pdf"

Rock n' roll classic flyer
This meet is open to all levels (recreational and Xcel Bronze/Silver).

Students will perform routines on all 4 events!

Awards: 50% on each individual event; 100% for the all around

Spectator Admission:
$10 ages 12-54
$7 ages 3-11
$7 ages 55+


Recreational Showcase Routines


Recreation Showcase Routines (Videos)