Typorama (21)
What if my child is waitlisted?
This means they are NOT actively enrolled in the class & cannot begin at this time.

Will they get into a class?
I can not guarantee you a spot will open up & I cannot predict who may/may not drop from any given class.

Can my child be on more than 1 waitlist?

Will I be automatically enrolled if a spot opens up & charged for the class?
Yes, if a spot opens up for you in the class you are on a waitlist for you will be automatically enrolled in to that class. You will receive an email and be charged for that month (if it's mid-month you will be prorated).

How do I remove myself from the waitlist? 
You must email tntgymwi@gmail.com to remove yourself from a waitlist.

You can log in to your Parent Portal to check your account & verify waitlists.