Team Try Outs - Saturday, March 11, 2023

Any gymnast from any gym is able to try out for the team - you can pick either Richland Center or Prairie du Chien location to try out at. 

Tentative 2023-24 Travel Team Schedule is available for viewing. Xcel Bronze can go to all GREEN highlighted Meets. Xcel Silver can go to all GREEN & YELLOW highlighted meets!

Please review In-House vs Travel Team information in picture. 


Team Try Out FAQs

Should my child attend Team Try Outs?
It is ultimately up to YOU! I have had several emails asking if a child should attend team try outs or if they are ready for team -- we are doing the team try outs for a reason. We want to make sure your child is joining team because THEY WANT TO, not because we want them to! Even if they are not completely ready right now it's a perfect tool to set some goals & see what will be required.

If my child is already on the competition team do they need to attend Team Try Outs?
NO! Team Try Outs are for new members only.

What skills will my child need to perform at Team Try Outs? 
I have compiled a list of videos from YouTube to help you understand what is expected/performed at each level. These are not our exact routines - there is plenty of room for variation amongst the Xcel levels to allow your gymnast to perform skills that best meet their ability and strengths. You may see kids in Xcel Silver doing a Round Off, Front Handspring, Aerial or Front Tuck (to the judge they are all worth the same!)
Xcel Bronze - Vault | Bars | Beam | Floor 
Xcel Silver - Vault | Bars | Beam | Floor  
(Floor & Beam have several options for tumbling skills/dismounts - depends on ability and strengths)

What will happen at Team Try Outs? Do they attend the whole time?
We will run try outs much like a team practice - your gymnast is required to be there the entire time! We will start with a quick warm up & move around to all the events going through the skills within the Xcel Bronze & Silver requirements and evaluate each child. We will send home completed evaluation sheets with your child that day.

What if we cannot make Team Try Outs, but want to try team?
Team Try Outs are required this year. If you are unable to make team try outs, you must let me know before March 11 & to up a private lesson ($45-65/hr depending on coach availability) to be evaluated.

What are things that can set us up for preparation for being on team? 
 Although the time requirement is only 1 - 2 hour practice per week for Xcel Bronze/Silver, we have seen more success with those that go at least 2x per week. It's easier to progress, pick things up and remember routines with more practice per week, but again this is NOT required. I HIGHLY encourage participating in the Rock 'N Roll Showcase on May 20 in Prairie du Chien as we will run it much like a real competition and they will gain experience competing on all 4 events.
You could also go watch a gymnastics competition. We have our Dairy Aire Invite this weekend (Feb 25-26) at the Monona Terrace in Madison and the Mississippi River Classic next weekend (Mar 5) at Five Flags Arena in Dubuque, IA. You can view our competition schedules HERE. Spectator fees roughly $15-25 each.

What meets can my child attend?  
In-House Team will attend the Snowflake Mock Meet in December in Prairie du Chien and the 2024 Rock 'N Roll Classic Showcase in May in Prairie du Chien.
Travel Competition Team
Xcel Bronze - Can attend all GREEN highlightedmeets plus the 2024 Rock 'N Roll Classic Showcase in May in Prairie du Chien
Xcel Silver - Can attend all GREEN & YELLOW highlighted meets plus the 2024 Rock 'N Roll Classic Showcase in May in Prairie du Chien

Who determines In-House Team vs Travel Competition Team? 
Ultimately - YOU as the parent determine this. The In-House team is a great option to have a competition season at a much lower financial and time commitment. Please know this will be determined by July 2023 & there is absolutely NO switching to travel team after this is decided.

When will my child practice?  
The In-House Team and Travel Team will practice together. If your child makes the team they can switch to the team classes immediately or wait until summer session. The summer session is below. The 2023-24 Team Practice Schedule will remain pretty similar to our current 2022-23 Team Practice Schedule - View HERE.

The competition team is a time and financial commitment, that is no secret. Every gymnast's journey is unique. Everyone progresses at different times and different speeds. There is SO much life-long learning that goes into each season with success, failures, learning how to be resilient, learning how to set goals, learning how to be a supportive and encouraging team mate, and SO MUCH MORE!

Any other questions - please reach out.
We can't wait to start chasing bigger dreams with our 2023-24 Team Members!
TNT Staff