2023-24 School-Year TEAM Class Schedule

(September 5, 2023 - May 23, 2024)
Livingston & Sauk Check those location tabs for session dates/times & to register for those team classes. 
*Please note that the tuition cost listed is per month for 1x/wk.
Team Discounts: 2nd day 50% off, 3rd day 60% off, 4th & 5th Day 70% off.
Important Reminders:
  • Drop-In Fees are as follows:
    1 hr practice: $20
    2 hr practice: $27
    2.5 hr practice: $35
    3 hr practice: $40
    Contact Danielle at tntgymwi@gmail.com if you wish to do an additional drop-in practice. You must pay at the time of drop-in. 
  • Only coaches and students are allowed in the gymnastics area – parents/guardians must remain outside the gym area. 
  • Please watch your child before and after class – we are not a daycare facility.
  • Dismissal: Please pick your child up in the waiting area promptly after class. For safety reasons & due to many coaches commuting long distances we need to close the gym on time. We ask that you do not tell your child(ren) to wait outside the building for you. Please contact TNT if you will be arriving late by e-mailing tntgymwi@gmail.com and we will notify your child after class. There will be a late pick-up charge of $20 applied to your account for anything over 15 minutes late. 
  • Students should wear a leotard or athletic clothing. No shoes/socks. Long hair must be pulled back. No dangly jewelry (stud earrings are ok). No bare stomachs should be shown, must have leotard or shirt over sports bra tops. Waterbottles are also recommended. 
  • Classes may be canceled if there isn’t enough interest.
  • No refunds for dropped or missed classes. Team students are allowed make-ups - please don't abuse this privilege. Make them up as soon as possible. These cannot be carried over for more than 1 month and not into future sessions.   Any more are subject to a drop-in fee. You must contact Danielle if you wish to drop mid-month. 
  • Weather Cancellations: Unfortunately, we have some pretty unpredictable weather. We will ATTEMPT to make up the 1st two weather cancellations, all others after these two will be canceled without make-up or refund. 
New students are accepted throughout the session until classes are filled. We do pro-rate tuition for late starts. The tuition price listed is the monthly tuition fee.
**Due to sessions/pay in full only - Sauk Prairie (10 wks) & Livingston (11 wks) Team classes are found under their location tab!