APRIL 23-25, 2021
1.  Masks will be required at all times.  Being from Iowa, I am perfectly aware that Iowa does not have a mask mandate however, USA Gymnastics has mandated this for all of our Regional Competitions.  Athletes will be allowed to remove the mask when on the equipment.
2.  We will not be limiting spectators.
3.  Awards for the Gold and White Gyms will take place on the competition floor, which is why there is so much time between sessions.  The awards for the Purple Gym will be in a separate area. (IN Sessions listed below P=Purple gym, G= Gold Gym & W= White Gym)
4.  Tickets are available for pre-purchase by following this link.  Tickets | 2021 Xcel Region IV Gymnastics Championships: Day One - Cedar Rapids, IA at Ticketmaster  Tickets will also be available at the door, but buying ahead will speed up your entry to the meet :)
5.  Please make sure that your athletes bring their chalk, water bottles, etc.  We are unable to provide any of these items.
6.  Please let your parents know that if they have questions they need to contact you - DO NOT CONTACT MEET SITE/PERSONNEL.

2021 Xcel Region IV Championship SCHEDULE
Friday, April 23rd 
Session P01 – Silver Ch A,B,C,D
8:00 AM Open Stretch / 11:15 AM Awards
Gabriella Sonnenburg

Friday, April 23rd 
Session P02 – Silver Ch E,F,G,H
11:30 AM Open Stretch / 2:45 PM Awards
Charlee Busser
Braelyn Schneider

Friday, April 23rd 
Session P03 – Silver Ch I,J,K, Jr A
3:00 PM Open Stretch / 6:15 PM Awards
Lindsay Burmeister
Maggie Thole

Friday, April 23rd 
Session W01 – Diamond Jr
8:30 AM Open Stretch /12:00 PM Awards
Jewel Kleinsasser
Danica Pauls

Friday, April 23rd 
Session W02 – Diamond Sr
1:00 PM Open Stretch /4:30 PM Awards Session
McKenzie Kruse
Maggie Ring

Friday, April 23rd 
W03 – Platinum Ch A,B,C,D
5:30 PM Open Stretch / 8:30 PM Awards

Tenley Bormann
Peyton Bricco
Aubri Imhoff

Friday, April 23rd 
Session G01 – Gold Ch A 1-5
8:00 AM Open Stretch / 11:30 AM Awards
Aspen Young

Friday, April 23rd 
Session G03 – Gold Ch C 1-5
5:00 PM Open Stretch /8:30 PM Awards
Shohannah Wollman

Saturday, April 24th
Session W04 – Platinum Ch E,F,G,H
8:00 AM Open Stretch/11:00 AM Awards
Cayley Carter

Saturday, April 24th
Session W05 – Platinum Ch I,J, Jr A,B
12:00 PM Open Stretch / 3:00 PM Awards
Ebony McCorkle

Saturday, April 24th
Session W06 – Platinum Jr C,D,E,F
4:00 PM Open Stretch / 7:00 PM Awards
Sommer Wollman

Saturday, April 24th
Session G05 – Gold Jr B 1-5
12:30 PM Open Stretch / 4:00 PM Awards
Loralee Olson

Saturday, April 24th
Session G06 – Gold Jr C 1-5
5:00 PM Open Stretch/ 8:30 PM Awards
Kylee Ballweg

Sunday, April 25th 
Session P09 – Bronze Ch A,B,C,D
Open 8:00 AM Open Stretch/ 10:45 AM Awards
Laynee Harlan
Peyton McCorkle
Sofia Miligi
Sophia Oman
Kylee Richter
Harper Schell
Addison Schulenburg
Kaycin Spurley
Ayla Stika

Sunday, April 25th
Session P10 – Bronze Ch E,F, Jr A,B
11:15 AM Open Stretch /2:00 PM Awards
Elise Nelson
Teagan Quinn
Sophia Read
Alaina Ward
Hailey Waughtal

Sunday, April 25th
Session P11 – Bronze Jr C,D,E, Sr A
2:30 PM Open Stretch /5:15 PM Awards
Kayleigh Brooks

Sunday, April 25th
Session P12 – Bronze Sr B,C,D,E
5:45 PM Open Stretch / 8:30 PM Awards
Grace Swatek
Taylor White

Sunday, April 25th
 Session G07 – Gold Sr A 1-5
8:00 AM Open Stretch /11:30 AM Awards
Gabby Ortiz

Sunday, April 25th
Session G09 – Gold Sr C 1-5
5:00 PM Open Stretch/ 8:30 PM Awards
Emma Harem


  • Xcel State Meet will be held March 19-21, 2021 at the KI Center in Green Bay. The original Xcel venue has canceled.  The date is one week earlier than planned. Xcel gymnasts just need to compete in one competition prior to state (excluding in-house meet) to qualify to state. You can now register on event calendar (go to March 19 date) hereCost is $145 & due Feb 22nd. No refunds. 
  • Lambeau Leap Meet in Green Bay CANCELED...Due to Xcel State Meet being moved & a week earlier - we as a team are pulling out of Lambeau Leap Meet in Green Bay. Credits have been applied to your accounts. 
  • TNT In-House Meet - We will be hosting an in-house meet Saturday, March 13 at our TNT - Prairie du Chien facility due to canceling Lambeau Leap Meet. 
    • $75 each & open to all levels! No refunds. 
    • No spectators. Parent drop-off/pick-up ONLY. 
    • We will be hiring judges for a "real" meet feel.
    • Awards for each event (50%) and all-around (100%). Score cards for each gymnast.
    • This will not be a sanctioned meet, so it cannot be used as a qualifier to state - but will be a great opportunity to have more personal feedback to help prep for state. 
    • Session times to be determined after Feb 15.  
    • IMPORTANT - Register ASAP on the event calendar (go to March 13 date) by February 12. In the event we do not have enough interest we will cancel the TNT In-House Meet. 
  • J.O. Optional State meet will be held March 26-28, 2021. (This meet is not for Xcel). Same weekend, but it will be held in-house at Salto West. The orginal venue has canceled. Salto is renting equipment and matting to make the meet feel as much like an offsite meet as possible. Cost is $160 & due Feb 22nd. Register on event calendar (go to March 26 date). No refunds. 
  • Level 8-10 Regionals will be April 16-18, 2021 in Bettendorf, IA. It is the same weekend and same location, TBK Center. This is only of the only competitions that have not changed. Need a 34.0 All Around to qualify. Entry fee is $135. Coaching fees to be split once we know who qualifies. 
  • Xcel Regionals will be April 23-25, 2021 in Cedar Rapids, IA at the Cedar Rapids DoubleTree Convention Center. It is the same place Xcel Regionals was held in 2018. The Madison venue canceled and Gymfinity decided to bid on it for 2022 in Madison. Due to Covid, the Region 4 board has decided to run the meet this year. Gymfinity will have the first right of refusal for 2022 Xcel Regionals. More info to be sent out when I receive it. 

We do not participate in the Level 4-5 State Meet.

2020-21 TNT Team Competition Schedule

You will be able to register for these Competitions after Sept 1st on the Parent Portal. You can pay AFTER Sept 1st with cash/check or credit/debit on the parent portal.


COVID CANCELLATION EXPLAINED (can also be viewed on our website): 
WI Dells/Harley/Lambeau Leap: 100% refund up to 1 week prior to meet - you must notify me ASAP if this were to happen so I can follow through with the necessary steps.
M&M Classic/Winter Wonderland: Dec 21st is the refund deadline.
Northern Lights/Dubuque: Feb 1st is the refund deadline
**All meets have stated they will offer 100% refund if THEY cancel the meet due to COVID. If this were to happen, we will issue refunds to parents AFTER we receive the refund check from the meet directors. Please note, this may take several days or weeks to be completed.

Updated 10/26/2020

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2020-21 TNT Team Info